Natural Cork

Natural Cork 375ml, 750ml, & 1.5L


ACIC Cork & Closures in proud to offer top quality Natural Cork to meet your needs. Below are our standard sizes and washes. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Wine corks should be kept in sealed bags placed in sealed boxes which will provide the best protection from contamination. We recommend that leftover or opened bags be rolled up and taped or zipped tied closed. Boxes of corks should be kept in a cool, dry area, to avoid temperature fluctuations and exposure to light. Corks should be used within a 5 month period from the production date on the box. ACIC offers free re-conditioning of our corks with a few limitations.

38 x 24mm LPN0 (natural) AC-0 US-2
45 x 24mm LPN1.5 (peroxide white) AC-1 Hand Select US-3
49x24mm AC-1
54 x 24mm AC-2

Length (mm) Nominal ± 0,7 GR06-I44
Diameter (mm) Nominal ± 0,5 GR06-I44
Ovalisation (mm) ≤ 0,7 GR06-I44
Moisture (%) 6 ± 2 GR06-I35
Oxidants (mg/cork) ≤ 0,2 GR06-I25
Cork Dust (mg/cork) ≤ 1,5 GR06-I28
Microbiology (CFU/cork) ≤ 5 GR06-I30
Capilarity (mm) < 1 GR06-I29
Extraction Force (daN) 27,5 ± 12,5 GR06-I27

Example Sizes


38 x 24mm


45 x 24mm

49 x 24mm

54 x 24mm

Example Color Washes

LPN0 (Natural)

LPN1.5 (Peroxide White)

Finishing Information

Printing: Natural corks can be imprinted with the customers name, logo, phone number or URL. Designs are applied using a direct printing process. Only single color, 1 pass printing is available. We offer the standard brown/black color for printing corks.

Artwork Specifications: Black and White only (no gray), High resolution file with fonts outlined is requested. PC Format. There is a one time die charge, which is waived on initial orders over 3K. Lead time for dies is 2-3 days from date of artwork approval. Generic cork art options are available. Please inquire with your sales rep.

Fire Branding: Natural corks can be fire branded. This is a traditional method for either the body and or the ends of the corks. Artwork Specifications are the same as above. Consult a sales rep for die charge information. Lead time is 3-4 weeks from date of artwork approval.

Surface Coating: ACIC provides several coating options:
Standard Surface Coating - Paraffin wax with a silicone oil over-spray.
Enhanced Surface Coatings - 10% increase in standard coatings recommended for longer term aging of wines.
Sweet Wine Coating - Polymer surface coating to envelope the cork to improve extraction on sweet wines and chilled wines.

Packaging: Natural corks are packed in bags @ 1,000. Each bag is sealed with SO-2 gas for sterility. Standard packaging is 5,000 corks per box, however case count varies by product. Special packaging of bags @ 500 are available for an additional cost.