Sparkling Wine Corks

Sparkling Wine Corks


Our Sparkling wine corks, produced according to the International Cork Practices Code, are composed by an agglomerate body with one or two natural cork discs. The introduction of new technologies developed by ACIC has added a recognized value to this product. See below for specs, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Wine corks should be kept in sealed bags placed in sealed boxes which will provide the best protection from contamination. We recommend that leftover or opened bags be rolled up and taped or zipped tied closed. Boxes of corks should be kept in a cool, dry area, to avoid temperature fluctuations and exposure to light. Corks should be used within a 5 month period from the production date on the box. ACIC offers free re-conditioning of our corks with a few limitations.

TWD 47 x 29.5mm & 48 x 30.5mm AC-1, AC-2, AC-3

Granulate (mm) 3-7 GR06-I36
Length (mm) Nominal ± 0,5 GR06-I44
Diameter (mm) Nominal ± 0,4 GR06-I44
Ovalisation (mm) ≤ 0,4 GR06-I44
Moisture (%) 6 ± 2 GR06-I35
Aglomerate Density (kg/m3) 280 ± 40 | 275 ± 40 GR06-I44
Disc Height (mm) < 4 GR06-I23
Microbiology (CFU/cork) ≤ 5 GR06-I28
Cutting Stress (daN/cm2) < 6 GR06-I41
Torsion Angle ≤30 GR06-I41
Boiling Water Resistance Absence of disaggregation GR06-I45

Finishing Information

Printing: Custom printing on Sparking wine corks may be available depending on volumes. Please inquire with your sales rep for additional information.

Fire Branding: Champagne corks come fire branded with a "C" on top. Blank champagne corks may be available. Please inquire with your sales rep for additional information.

Packaging: Our Sparking wine corks come pre-packed in bags of 500pcs. These bags cannot be broken up. The standard case count is 3,000pcs/case.